• Values for custom fields are created with their parent generator if the field is not registered (#22)


  • Fixed pip installation
  • Added ability to login_as arbitrary user


  • Added xunit reference docs
  • Fixed any_text_field return value
  • Updated to use versiontools
  • Minor updates and bugfixes in docs and LICENCE


  • Fixed ImportError: cannot import name _strclass for python 2.7
  • Added any_model_with_defaults function to generate models with default values where acceptible
  • Fixed tests for django 1.4 compatibility
  • Added support for GenericIPAddressField in both model and forms (django 1.4 and above)
  • Multiple minor updates and bugfixes in docs


  • Forked django-any and renamed to django-whatever
  • Created complete documentation for package
  • Models with GenericForeignKey can be created with any_model(MyModel, content_object=object)
  • Self-referencing models no longer produce "RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded"
  • ImageField and naive callable upload_to support.

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